A love story at bachata’s pace.

I met Vladi and Carla in their last week in Barcelona. They were going to live together in Washington.
Vladi comes from Lima, Perù.  She is from Barcelona.
He came in Spain and met her. Falled in love.
They are dancers and spread their love for dance teaching bachata around the world.

We spent sometime together in Parc Guell in Barcelona. Walking in the Laundry Room Portico. The  portico adopts the shape of a great wave atop slanting columns, with a double colonnade that acts as a buttress. It is one of the finest examples of the organic architecture upheld by Gaudí.
So we took some pictures in the Hypostyle Room . It was designed to be the market for the estate. It is made up of 86 striated columns inspired in the Doric order. The colonnade is crowned by an architrave on which the undulating bench is placed.

Right at the centre of the monumental zone of Park Güell there  is the large esplanade which the original plans called the Greek Theatre. And which has more recently been rechristened as Plaça de la Natura (Nature Square). Its original name was due to the fact that it was planned for staging large open-air shows that could be watched from the surrounding terraces. Although Gaudí always respected the lie of the land, this large square is artificial. Part of it is dug into the rock, while the other part is held up on top of the hypostyle room. On the stairway side it is bounded by the undulating bench covered with tile-shard mosaic planned by Josep M. Jujol, acting as a balustrade. And on the mountain side by a retaining wall finished with large capitals made to look like palm trees.
From this square there is wonderful view of Barcelona.


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